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Our Services

Account Management


is the most important thing we do at Benefits West. Our Corporate Philosophy and Culture incorporates a flexibility to customize our services in a way that works best for our clients. We work hand in hand and become part of your Benefits Team. Many of our clients are new to Self Funding and we take special care to walk them through the process so they feel comfortable and confident in understanding their plans.

We have an ongoing process for our clients which includes reports, scheduled meetings, conference calls and project management that keeps you up to date on how the plan is running and what needs to be accomplished throughout the year.


Monthly, Quarterly & Annually to ensure you are informed of all the activities happening with your plan. 

Reports include:

    Financial Summary

    Large Claims

    Benefit Analysis and Turnaround Time.

    PPO and MLR Savings

    Prescription Performance

    Top Drug Report

Underwriting Analysis and         recommendations. 

    TPA recommendations

    Healthcare Reform updates

​We couple our reporting periods with meetings and conference calls. At Benefits West we believe it is important to keep you educated and informed to ensure the best and most cost effective plans are in place for your business.

Service & Communication

At Benefits West we are routinely involved in providing our clients and their staff with the following services:

    Answers regarding benefit questions

    Assistance solving administration questions

    Claims assistance 

    Information and education

    Legislative updates

​    Online enrollment for employees

    Electronic eligibility feed to carriers

    Total Compensation Statements 

    HIPAA Secure Communication Center

Project Management

All projects, which include the annual renewal, are managed in our office with Timelines and Action Plans. This ensures that critical deadlines are met and you are up to date at all times on the status of the project. An Action Plan is maintained through the year to manage all open items

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